Why Stihl Chain Saws are the Best on the Market

When you are looking for a new chain saw, one of the manufacturers that you will see a lot is Stihl. There are over 30 models from which you can choose and there are more than 30 special features that they have for their line of chain saws.

But what makes Stihl such a popular brand? Why is it that it’s the one that people go to? Below we have listed some of the reasons why people who are looking for a chain saw will often choose a Stihl.

Features of Engines in Stihl Chain Saws

Modifications to Carburetors

The carburetors in the chains saws have been modified so that the chain saw hums at an RPM that is fixed. This helps with the chain saw running cleaner and smoother. Stihl also has made it very simple for you to adjust your carburetor if it’s necessary.

Modifications to Engines

Stihl chain saws now use 2-ring pistons instead of the 1-pin piston. This type of piston means that the engine is more efficient and runs much cooler. This means that it lasts longer.

Modification to Start Up

Because it uses a combination of electronic ignition and a certain decompression valve, you’ll find the chain saw starts up a lot easier. This means that you won’t have to pull as strongly on your starting cord. There are many users who particularly love this feature.

Miscellaneous Modification to the Engine

There are also improvements that Stihl has made on the engines of their chain saws:

  • A reduction of vibration to help with reducing operator fatigue
  • An improvement in clutch so that slippage is reduced
  • Cylinders with longer lives to help with giving better lubrication, cooling and wear and therefore more power on the output
  • An improvement in the control of the pump primer so that flooding is eliminated

Improvements to the Housing/Casing of Chain Saws

  • Casing has been smoothed out and rough or sharp edges are eliminated so there is less chance of snagging
  • Polymer housing has been toughened so that it’s more durable yet still light in weight
  • Handle size has been increased so that it’s easier to hold
  • Sprocket cover has been streamlined so that clogging is reduced and cleaning is easier.

Improvements in Safety for Stihl Chain Saws

  • Dual braking system’s been designed so that the chain will stop when it’s an emergency. It’s able to be manually activated or through inertia when there’s strong kickback.
  • Rear hand guard’s been designed to help with reducing injury. This particular design also gives you a wider spot to place your foot anytime you start up your chain saw.
  • The front handle’s been ergonomically designed to reduce injury risk and for comfort. This also gives you a grip that is more secure. Some of the models also have handles that are heated.
  • A chain catcher’s been designed so that you have a reduced risk of coming into contact with your chain if something should happen.

Improvements to Maintenance of Chain Saws

  • Automatic chain and bar oiler has been developed for ensuring proper lubrication and for using a lesser amount of oil
  • Inboard chain brake’s been developed which needs less maintenance but makes it simpler to remove the sprocket.
  • Unique system for adjusting the chain has been developed which allows adjustment of your chain tension without the need for tools.

Little Things About Stihl Chain Saws

  • The number of switches and knobs have been reduced and it’s one easy lever. This lever operates the on/off switch, throttle, and choke
  • A replaceable fuel filter has been developed that is in the tank. This lowers the cost and makes it easier for you to maintain
  • Spark plug is protected but it’s still easily changed by the user
  • Air, oil, and fuel filter covers to be easily opened or closed without the need for tools
  • Large baffles have been added to help with reducing the level of noise


As you can see, there are many reasons why when someone is looking for a new chain saw, they choose a Stihl chain saw. They come with a lot of great features that makes operating their chain saws much safer and easier for everyone.

If you are searching for a new chain saw and you are impressed with the Stihl information that you have found here, take a look at the different types and see what they offer. Then choose the one that is best for your needs.