8 Planning Tips for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday is coming up and they want to have a party. So what do you do? How do you stop from spending too much money and inviting too many people? Who do you invite? Below are eight tips that you can use for planning the perfect children’s birthday party.

1. Make Your Invite List

This is going to dictate everything. You’ll know how big of a venue you’ll need, the theme or activities, etc. You don’t want to brainstorm your party before making your guest list.

2. Who You Should Invite

If you’re having a small child’s party, such as a child under 7, usually you will invite your child’s whole class. But once a child is 7 and older, usually they have special friends that they’ll want to invite. A good rule is the child’s age plus one. So if your child’s turning 8, you invite nine kids.

3. Do You Include Siblings?

Prior to age 7, it’s nice to invite the siblings as well if funds and space allow. But usually parents understand if you can’t. Remember you can say no. You can let them know that you only have limited space. You can give them the option for dropping off the guest if they have a problem with childcare.

4. Don’t Go Overboard on Activities

When you’re planning a party, don’t go overboard planning too many activities into the party. The guests are going to be cranky and over-stimulated, particularly young kids. Choose one or two activities and put them at separate times so all the kids can enjoy them together.

5. Communicate

When you’re booking an entertainer or party venue, make sure you’re go over the details. Make sure that you’re speaking up and asking questions. Let them know what you want and ask about the rules and procedures of the venue.

6. Don’t Go Overboard on Food

There are always a lot of leftovers at children’s parties. Kids want to eat cake. That’s it. If you’re going to have pizza, cut each slice in half. The children can always go back for more if they want. You’ll have a lot fewer leftovers and you’ll save money.

7. Don’t Open Gifts at the Party

Kids are going to be honest about something they don’t like and there could be hurt feelings. So it’s best to take the gifts home and open them there, so that other kids don’t feel bad because they didn’t like their gift or that they got two of the same thing. Plus, if you’re renting a venue there’s limited time.

8. Send Thank You Notes

Even though sending an invitation through email is okay, the majority of guests are going to appreciate an actual card, especially when the child writes it. It doesn’t have to be an actual card where the child writes thank you, especially if they can’t write yet. A scribble or picture will suffice. If you don’t want to waste paper, you can send personalized emails with a picture of the child playing with or wearing the gift.

These are the things that you can do to help your child have a great birthday and to stay within your budget. Everyone will have a good time and hopefully the party will go off without a hitch.