7 Tips for Renting the Right Forklift

If you have found that you have to rent a forklift, there are some things that you should do to ensure that you are getting the right forklift for the job. Below are seven things that you should remember when you are renting a forklift so that you have the one that is right for your needs.


Choose a dealer that has a lot of different well-serviced and clean forklifts. This way, if you find that you’re needing another kind of forklift they’ll be able to exchange the one that you have for you. This also helps with protecting you in case the one you’re using suddenly breaks down so they’ll be able to replace it easily.


Make sure that the company you deal with is fully equipped with a shop for servicing their forklift. They should have a lot of technicians that they can dispatch for fixing any type of faulty machine at your site.


It’s important that you ask the company what the load is of their forklifts. This way you can make sure you’re choosing one that can manage your necessary job.


Think about the work environment. You want to think about if you’re going to be working outside or inside and if it’s going to be smooth or rough terrain. This will help you with getting the right type of forklift for your specific job. Let them know what your environment is so that you are getting the correct type of forklift for your job.

Length of Time

You want to know how long you’ll be using the rental forklift. The length of time you’re going to need that forklift is going to depend on your operation’s nature. Even though renting one for a short amount of time may be pricy, the majority of dealers will have a variety of reasonable rates for customers who are renting it for longer.

Rental Contract

Make sure you’re clear about your rental contract. You want to be certain that the dealer you’re working with is going to maintain and service their lift trucks. Also ask if they’re going to provide an operator or if you’ll need your own.


Make sure you’re inspecting any forklift you rent before it’s moved to your site. Note any types of faults and make sure you’re informing the dealer that they are there. If you aren’t comfortable with the one that they provide, ask them for a replacement. If you don’t inspect the forklift and make note of any types of flaws or problems in the forklift, you may be charged for the damage. Protect yourself by inspecting it.

These are the seven things that you should do when you want to rent a forklift. They will help with making sure that you’re getting the right machine for the job that you need to do. Choose a reputable company from which to rent your forklift and ask them any questions you have.

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