5 Garden Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

When the spring and summer comes, we want to help our lawns and gardens look the best that we can. That means that we need a variety of tools to use. Below are five of the most important tools that every homeowner should have at their disposal to help their lawn and garden look the best possible.

1. Lawnmower

Since you want your lawn to look great, you will want to have a good lawnmower so that you can mow it regularly. It’s a costly investment but it’s worth it to have that amazing lawn you always dreamed of.

When you are looking for a lawn mower, you want to choose one based on your yard’s size, your budget, and how much effort you want to put forth. There are ones that are self-propelled, but if you’re healthy and young, push mowers can also help you burn calories. If you have a really big property, however, you may want to choose a riding mower.

You will spend anywhere from under $100 for a cheap manual mower to thousands of dollars. They can be bought at any hardware or home improvement store. You also will need to buy a gas can which will tightly seal and isn’t going to spill the gas into your car while you’re transporting it.

2. Wheelbarrow

Another good tool to have is a sturdy wheelbarrow. Even though this may seem old-fashioned, it can be really helpful when you’re planting flowers, putting out gravel or rock, or mulching. It can help you with saving your back and getting the supplies where you want them to be.

When you are choosing your wheelbarrow, steel will be more durable than plastic. Plastic may even break when the weather is cold. However, if you’re not planning to transport anything really heavy, plastic might be just fine for your needs. A steel wheelbarrow will be able to handle just about anything. Remember that unless you’re storing the wheelbarrow somewhere enclosed, steel will rust. There are a lot of styles that you can choose from when you’re picking your wheelbarrow. Give each style a try when you’re at the store and see which you like best based on the ground.

You will pay anywhere from $30-$100 and you can buy it at most hardware or home improvement stores. It’s a good idea to read reviews before you buy one.

One thing to know is that they can be hard to maneuver, particularly when you’re going across ground that is bumpy. If you’re not happy with the awkwardness of a wheelbarrow, a wagon is a good idea.

3. Rake

They can do anything from spreading mulch to clearing the dead debris out of your garden. They’re a tool that isn’t as expensive but they’re vital for taking care of your lawn. If you are landscaping your yard and you’re spreading sand or dirt, having a rake that’s sturdy will ensure you’re getting the best coverage from the material.

When you are looking for a rake, you’ll find that they come in steel, plastic and bamboo. Based on the raking you’re going to do, any material is going to work. Plastic and bamboo are a lot lighter in weight and great for raking your lawn and leaves. Rakes made of steel are sturdier and provide more powerful, faster lawn coverage. There are also rakes that are ergonomic.

Rakes cost anywhere from $8 to $30 and they can be bought in home improvement, grocery, and tool stores. There are different sized heads on rakes, from 8 t0 24” wide. Their tines also come in different widths, too. Sometimes it’s best to buy two different sizes, since the larger rakes are often unhelpful in yard corners or small spaces.

4. Hose

Hoses are something that every homeowner should have. There are a lot of different types of hoses, from lead-free, industrial strength, garden, and a lot of others. Usually, a homeowner will do well with a regular garden hose. If you’re unsure of the length that you need, remember that having one that is too long is better than one that isn’t long enough. But also remember that the longer the hose, the lower the water pressure.

A hose will cost from $10 to $75. A rubber hose will usually cost more and vinyl hoses cost less. Based on the hose’s durability that you are looking for, and the length of time you want it to last, usually you can find one for any budget. They can be bought just about anywhere.

Sometimes it’s best to have more than one hose, especially if you have multiple spigots. This is particularly true if you have sprinklers going but you want to water your flowers, wash your car, or water more than one section of your yard at the same time.

5. Sprinkler

Brown lawns are something that no one likes. A sprinkler can take care of that. One of the best choices for a large lawn is the pulsating sprinkler. This sticks into the ground and a hard water stream in a circle. Rotary or fixed sprinklers might work better for yards that are smaller. When you are choosing features, think about whether an automatic shutoff or timer is going to be helpful for you, or you are going to be monitoring your watering on your own and will be able to turn it off manually.

A sprinkler will cost anywhere from $10 to $100 or more if you’re buying something fancy. They can be found just about anywhere. Since a sprinkler sits in your yard where the kids are playing and where you cut the grass, cheap sprinklers may not last as long as more expensive kinds. An oscillating sprinkler is very popular and usually doesn’t cost a lot, but they break easily.

Other great lawn tools to consider:

Below are a few other tools that you can find helpful when you want to have a beautiful lawn.

· Edger – Great for maintaining lawn edges that are straight and trimmed

· Hedge Trimmer – Help keep your bushes from overtaking your house

· Shears – Useful cutting your tree limbs and pruning plants

· Spade – Useful for digging around in the dirt and planting

If you are getting your home ready for outdoor planting or entertaining, these are some of the tools that you will want to have to make sure everything looks great. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on these tools. However, it’s a better idea to buy a tool that is of better quality than to buy one that is cheap only to replace it a few months after you bought it. Think about your property and your needs, and then read reviews online of the tools that you are considering. Then make an informed choice that will be best for your home and your needs.