2 Common Problems People Have With Weed Whackers

Weed whackers are simple tools that use electric or gas engines that spin the rotors attached to string and this string does the work. The problems that are most common with weed whackers are with the engine but they also can develop with the string spool and head.

1. Problems with the Engine

The majority of problems with weed whackers that are gas powered are related to the fuel. Either your fuel has water in it or there isn’t the right amount of oil and fuel in the engine. To fix either of these problems it’s usually essential to disassemble it and clean its carburetor. When it’s difficult to start, it’s usually a problem with a spark plug that is improperly gapped or worn.

Weed whackers that are electric don’t often experience problems with the engine. However, when they occur, it’s many times it’s because the engine is overworked by cutting some really thick or really long weeds.

2. Problems with the String

If you use string with a too-large diameter for your machine may overwork your engine, leading to the engine failing. When the string that you are using is the right size, the problem that is most common is that the string isn’t automatically advancing. This usually is because of debris and grass being built up around its head. When your string isn’t advancing, your weed whacker isn’t efficiently cutting. This means you have to frequently stop and manually pull your string out until you’re able to get the head cleaned and lubricated.

These are the two problems that you will often have when you are having issues with your weed whacker. So if you are finding that your weed whacker isn’t working the way that it should be, check out these common problems. You may be able to save yourself some

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